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I wrote this a while back in one of my journals in a period of sorrow. And it gave me great encouragement.
It has little literary value because i wrote from an overflow of the heart.

It’s inspiring to look back and see what God has brought you through, and brings hope to the future.

And just maybe this point of view might benefit someone else. Who knows?

“All I want to know is Christ and him Crucified. To bask in his glory and the grace that extended it to me. To boast only in the cross from which all blessings flow. I want to stare deeply into the blood tattered flesh and weep bitterly from the greatest depth with in me; purge the sins that punctured his hands. I want to sit at his feet, follow his voice, carry his cross. Everyday a martyr for His truth. I want to cast off any snares and trappings of this world to pursue and seek and starve for him. No longer just a craving but and absolute starvation, utter dependence on his spirit and law. Oh, that my flesh would melt away; flame to ashes, scattered by the wind. That this wicked heart of mystery would pass through the flames and pass your judgement. Purify. For all that I am is at war. My flesh fights the spirit within me like a foreign virus. Heart and Flesh. Spirit and mind. Will and desire. My name is civil war.
God you have chosen me, elected me, anointed me, you call me as your own. You have set me apart oh God. My spirit groans for what is above from the pits of this earth. You have set before me a path of righteousness that pierces in the midst of a spiritual battle. One you have called me to fight. And yet I stand before you now waging a war within myself. Draw me close to you. That as I enter your holiness, all that is undesirable will melt away in your presents. May the will of my heart and your plan for my life be intertwined. Test me. Set my heart upon you. Control my every function. Whether I eat or drink, may all that I do be for your glory. Release the carnal desires  that ensnare me into the deepest pit of hell so I may serve you with every atom of every ounce of my being. Direct my eyes to the cross. A cross devoted  life.  For I have been crucified with Christ; its not I who lives but he who lives within me. The word made flesh. An all consuming fire caught up within my bones: I am weary of holding it in, indeed I cannot.
May I reflect your Glory, extend your grace, share your love, and live as you died.
Less of me.”

“Let all that’s to be said of me, point back to Calvary
With every breath: let me die
May all that I say and do, reflect the very heart of you
In every moment of life.
For my only boast is this:
Christ and him Crucified
And any other way would be a loss
To not follow the cross.”


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Is there a correlation between are admiration in superheros and desperation for the supernatural?

It was ironic that I was the one securing the strings on the back of little Codys spider-man suit. He was convinced that he had the super human powers  to save the world, and yet he had the inability to suit up for the job. I remained to watch as he jetted off to save the household items from inanimate villains by jabbing his chubby fingers and the bad guys and capturing them in his invisible spidey web.

We assume that it is our job to teach those unable to teach themselves, but God is always turning the tables. As adults, we subconsciously shut our eyes and hearts to the world around us in order to limit our vision to our daily agenda. We confine our life to a to-do list and praying to God that there will be a window of time to take a shower before I crawl into bed and prepare begin the process all over again. We are constantly bombarded my subliminal messages, but rarely open our hearts to recieve what God wants us to learn. W make little time  to “abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight (phil.1:9).” On the other hand, children, attempt to grasp the whole world with blinking eyes. Bluntly honest, and yet to experience the routines of social reform, we have a lot to learn from our little ones. They are what we should see in ourselves: untainted or restricted by the world.

So as I watched the nature of this child who was enraptured by his own imaginary state, I  learned a little more about the nature of God himself.

I couldn’t help but think: Why is it that our culture is so engrossed with superheroes? Can you imagine how many hospital bills come from childrens failed attempts to fly? From big screen, small screen, comic strips, and magazines, every where I turn they’re there. It’s not surprising either! The reason that mall windows plaster pictures revealing Victoria’s latest lacey secret is the same reason that there is usually a superhero defending the box office profits; media has a way of appealing to our innate senses.  We are drawn to desire a power that we could never achieve on our own, because God made us that way.
Superheroes are the substitute for the supernatural we crave in Christ.

The American culture stretches beyond the boundaries of this universe in search of  a life to infinity and beyond. We try to deny the cards we are dealt by defeating the laws of Phycics, and is continually dazzled by magicians spoofs. We will manipulate if necessary  to be apart of the “greater good.” Of course, this pales  in comparison to the true supreme power of the God we crave.  And on the other end, horror movies rack up the big bucks by unleashing the fear of the evil in the world.

We are spiritual beings in need of spiritual fulfillment. Yet so many times we warp these wonderful desires from God and try to fulfill them in worldly ways.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that there are two kind of spiritual appeals from superheroes. One that imitates Christ, the other that imitates Christ infused man.

Superman for example: Sent by his Father from the Planet Krypton, Superman came to a small farm as a “baby” and was raised by illegitimate parents. He then grew up with the appearance of a normal man until his appointed time. Superman’s life calling led him to begin defeating the bad guys, saving those who could not save themselves and defending the good of mankind; all while having a great disguise. Sound familiar? Almost like the story of a God who sent his son to earth, who was born in a stable, raised by earthly parents, who began his ministry at 30 and then died for mankind as God but in the form of a man.  This is the Christ we serve; the one we know can save the day from impending doom. And the one who will.

Type two: Christ infused man. This would be like Spiderman. A less than Average Joe walking around, bitten by a spider, is transformed and able to do miraculous things with out having to achieve them by his own strength. But with great power comes great responsibility. Hero’s such as Spiderman the ability to overcome evil, but are flawed and struggle against an evil with in them. Just like our journey to become a Christian, God takes the initiative to draw us close to him as his chosen. We then are transformed to be like him, and given the power to do all things through His strength. Yet, though we are called to be like him, we still struggle with the sin nature with in us.

It’s a crazy parallel, but I don’t think it’s in any way an accident. This thought has affected they way I view the world, and my own desires. I haven’t begun shun all superhero substitutes, but I did focus a little more on the real thing. I’m taking a little more time to idolize my creator, become more like a child in my in awe and wonder of a God who can deliver me from all my emotional boo-boo’s. A God who arrives just in time to save the day. After all, if he didn’t come swooping down at the last second to save me from my perils, would I rely on him so strongly? I also started to look at myself a little differently. Do I allow the God who chose me, do miraculous things through me? It’s about time I realize the honor and responsibilities that come with being powered by Christ; while trying not to taint it with my own selfish desires.

So here my challenge: Be a conqueror through Christ. Be blown away by the awesome power of God, and expect to do amazing things through his strength. And the next time you see an “S” emblem, or your spidey senses begin to tingle, don’t settle for a substitute.


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I am new to the world of serious blogging.
So I pray that any readers would welcome me graciously.

This is a retreat from myspace and facebook and its fantasy social microcosm to write in response to the power of Christ which has overtaken my life.

I’m guilty of posting notes, blogs and bullitens to an audience that is more concerned with my default and top eight than my ideas and what God has revealed to me.
Not to bash them, because I will continue to use them rationally and I feel that they can be a tool to defy the culture that created it. But its tricky business.

This is my purpose in writing blogs.

To solidify my beliefs.
When something is written down in complete sentences you attain a complete thought, rather than a potpourri of mixed thought that waft through your mind. “Which opens the opportunity for me to “continue in what [I] have learned and have become convinced of.”(2 Timothy 3:14)

To challenge myself.
Not only will the blog world open my eyes to the veiws of others, but it will test and provoke myself to abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. (phillipians 1:8)

To Inspire Others:
I want to influnce others positivly as much a i want to be postivly influnced. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (proverbs 27:17)

And thats all for now.
Short and sweet.
I’m not a cyber genious… I have little to no technology intellect. So hopefully I’ll be able to sucsessfully manage this.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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