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There is nothing in scripture that says that a woman cannot baptise another woman.

But it does make it clear that men should be the spiritual authority. Because of this… should baptising be left up to  the men? Or should women be able to baptise another woman?

Whats your opinion?
(scriptural support not required but desired)


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I was blessed enough to lead a someone to Christ tonight.

It was so exciting, and beautiful to watch her as she began to understand what Christ has done for her.

The gift of salvation is so precious, and one I often take for granted.

Tonight was a wonderful reminder of the unimaginable goodness of Christ and His love for His bride.

What does the gift of salvation mean to you in your life?
How does it motivate you?

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I’m convinced that a mother gives birth to her child twice in her life.
The second takes 18 years or 216 months – first takes only nine.
Once the transaction is made from womb to world and they receive a ball of slime
They can’t legally send it back to maker with out committing it a crime.
In the first birth they waddle around and give labor on one day.
In the second birth they never stop running and labor all the way.
The morning sickness is over, and the morning and sickness begin.
Who would ever know that the terrible twos would turn into a friend?
From style to maternity, to a T and baseball cap
In the second birth they forget words such as “fashion” and “a nap”
In the first birth their a carrier, in the second, so much more,
They’re a doctor of many wounds and the healer of little souls
They’re and instructor and a mentor, counselor and a guide,
Always with a helping word, always at your side.
In the first birth people want to touch a mother’s stomach, in the second they run away,
Because their belly buttons have melted like a candle on their kids birthday.
They are the silent teachers to open eyes and grasping hands
They are the ones that model what it is to love in a way they understand.
Then the birth pains the come again as the 18th mark draws near
A little thought, a little word, becomes a little tear.
The child that they have carried begins to kick inside its home
Pulling and stretching for the world, ready to be on there own
The birth pains continue, until that very day
Where a mother set her child free and sends them on their way.
In more ways than one, a mother lives a sacrifice,
In more ways than one, a mother gives her child life.
Of all the loves in the world, there is none greater, no doubt
Than a mother as she prepares her child for life as they “head out”

Happy Mothers Day

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I teach 3 services on Sunday mornings. In my last class most of the kids are have already come to one of the earlier services, so instead of going on with the regular lesson we have a class discussion about life, and Christianity and how it applies in each of there lives. I really enjoy it and look forward to the crazy questions from… “Does God love Jews more than us?” to “Does God have a wife?”

A few Sundays back, I showed the kids a video on the highly esteemed youtube. And instantly the kids tried to convince me to show other videos of other random things.  I didn’t show any of there request in fear that a slew of unexpected cuss words would make its way into impressionable ears. But i took there requests and watched them at home to see if they were appropriate.

Those were the stupidest video request I have ever seen… Music Video voice over to the Mario Brothers and Halo?

I then remembered a video from me in my high school musical my Junior year- I busted my head open on stage… I uploaded it to youtube and here it is…I suggest you watch it at least twice for full effect.

They loved it. They were especially pleased that it was me receiving the pain.

So how does this apply to Christianity???

1) God has a plan and a purpose for each of our lifes…
Which is why I’m still alive.
-As a baby Ive had roughly 35 pounds of glass fall on top of me
-I was electrocuted at a pee wee ball park when I was 8, cutting out the electricity in 5 fields
-I was attacked by a Rottweiler and walked away with stitches
-When I was 3 I was run over by a pickup truck. It ran over my legs. If it ran over me any lower I would be permanently crippled, possible amputation. Any higher I would have died from eternal bleeding.
-I also wrecked my brothers pickup… rolling it 5 times.
-Not to mention countless other brainless feats and stupid endeavors. In elementary school I was know as “the girl that jumped off tall things.”

Were all alive for a reason.. Otherwise why would we be alive. God has continually confirmed the plan he has for my life. And he has an exciting and wonderful plan for you. If your not living to do what your created for… why would life be worth living?

2) Nothing has been more excited in my life than the Love of Christ
Ive been blessed to experience (or survive) allot of things in my life. But nothing has been more thrilling that what the experience of the Love of Christ.

3) I’m a disaster… and a wonderful Creation.
Im honestly a human time bomb, if you hear a car alarm outside, chances are… its me.
But I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t so crazy or prone to find disaster.. but that’s the way God made me. I’ll embrace it.
Just as God made you for a certain purpose, He has given you certain qualities to fulfill it.
Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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I was talking to a kid who wanted to become a christian, but I really didn’t think he was getting it.

I asked him: “What does it mean to be a christian?”
He gave the typical answer that Jesus becomes the savior of your life and you do what the bible says.

“Why do people become Christians?”
“Umm… well Uh,”
he fumbled… “Like if someone is a drug addict or something, and they cant stop. They can become a christian.”

Insert palm of hand to forehead.

Needless to say, neither of us were ready for me to lead him in the sinners prayer. And as comical as it is… how many people fall into the sentimental Christianity.

It seems to be a growing christian trend in the church to share stories of Gods deliverance and happy feel good quotes like “Dont tell God how big the storm is.. tell the storm how big your God is.” And we all sit in church with an appeased mood and clap like were in a golf tournament. “That was nice” we say as we leave the service. Golf tournaments are boring and unpleasently pastel.

Dont get me wrong, its encouraging to hear how God has worked in other peoples lives. But how God has worked in another mans life is not a promise that he will work in ours.
And  the “God loves the Hell out of you” kind of quotes are cute and quirky- but its not alive and active like scripture. The word of God is powerful. There is no substitute.

We are suppose to be an aroma pleasing to God in the sight of man.
We are suppose to be the salt of the earth… Not the sentimental sugar.

Sugar may smell nice to man, but its not the pleasing aroma required of us before God.

Im afraid that our testimonies and christian phrases are beginning to take the place of the word of God. When the world looks at us… what are they going to see?

What are your thoughts??

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Youtube Comment:
“god is amazing! this video changed my life.
ive never felt more connected to god then before this video.”

My response:
Yeah, its a pretty good video… I liked it. But pick up the Bible, it’ll blow your mind.

What do you think of this video?

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When the night whispers

Simple profundities I cannot express

My mind is filled with nothing less

Than the longing for love I cannot find

And this empty promise of the divine.

I stand alone and stare ahead

Whisper secrets into the dead

Cold deep and bleeding heart,

Waiting for this life to start.

Oh the plans to be fulfilled

Of childish dreams and human will.

Oh the passions unadulterated lie

Beyond futures curtain in futures time.

I’m on a bridge and water flows

Skewing my reflection down below

Who am I now? Who will I be

On this endless road to eternity?

The past is waiting-looks like home,

So much more comfort than the unknown

The future beckons with promises untrue

The gray sky gives a hint of blue


There is hope. My God is faithful.




There was a time I thought that I

Was so in love that I would die

That the thoughts I recycled in my head,

Would crush me while I lie in bed,

The emotions welling in my chest

Would catch in my throat and end my breath.

The mirages that my mind would create

Would ensnare me to my silenced fate

Oh this love how could it be?

That drew my mind to the sea

That drew my feet to pace at night

And drew my breath and held it tight.

If it were me that he would find

We’d have enough love for a life time

Still if my love were torn in two

It would be enough to last all our life’s through.

But what he did find was not my hand,

Nor all of my dreams that I had built in the sand

And I felt this love slowly wash away

As my bleeding heart began to break

A swarm of new emotions infested my soul

And I was finally able to let go

Because when my love had broken free

I escaped my deathly captivity.

Loves a battle, it’s been said before

And I once was a prisoner of war

But that ship has sailed and I’ve returned

And empty shell of what I’ve learned

These battle scars play a part

Of what I carry in my heart.

Oh there was a time that I,

Thought I was so in love that I would die.


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