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Oh what great sin we bear.
What great sinners we are by birth.
Inherently within our flesh dwells the ever lurking desire to follow are hearts
hearts set on evil.
Hearts desperately wicked above all else.
And even those who travel from Glory to Glory, to great hights of righteousness in the faith, and the walk of Jesus Christ
Fall to the greatest lows of sin.
They are succumbed by the guttural impulses of the flesh.
The basely ones, with out justification
To blatantly steal and to lie.
Oh who are we that we can claim God as our own?
To take something that is clean and encompass it within something that is so putrid!?
Who are we to say that we pursue after God?
When our filthy hearts are scorched at the contact of his Goodness of his grace and the conviction of his law.
Are we not blinded by the light?
Or are we so set in the way of darkness that our backs are too far turned from the truth!

Oh God! How great thou art!
How retched am I, a sinner!
May I morn over this sin as a cancerous disease that would surely bring about my destruction if it were not for your cleansing flow.
As I realize the depravity of my heart, I am overwhelmed to realize that your love fills it still, until it overflows!
Praise be to you Oh lord that nothing on earth can separate me from such a love!
Praise be to you Oh lord! It is my lips refrain!
Your praise is a companion to my lips, wedded to my heart!
For its by your grace that I’m free to praise you! And  by you love that I can call you my own!

Cleanse me of unrighteousness.
This is my hearts cry tonight.



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