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when love is lost

When love is lost.
What can we find?
When all the world has been made blind.

Day by day
men decend into motion.
Rise and fall just as the oceans

And never give a second thought
to all the things that they forgot.

No contrast between work and play
And brights have morphed into gray
A life that breaths just fades away.

When love is lost what can we find,
When all the world has been made blind?

Dont forget your first love
Who is love
Who gives life.

The life of flesh
And of death
only ends in strife.

Reality is not lost sea,
Not hidden in the deep

Truth is found when you an me,
Recieved the one who weeped.

When love is found, what can we loose?
We have the choice, what will we choose?


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