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It seems that in Christian culture there are more doctrines than denominations, and the denominations outweigh the people to fill them.
This is troubling to me.
Who is right? Who is mistaking  honest obedience with blatant sin?
“Whos cheatin who? Whos staying true? Who dont even care any more?”

My Sister is 15, and though we both have an intimate relationship with our mother, we both view her very differently.
My sister is characterized by this: She gets caught up with the petty dramas of this world, she’s often cold and not relational, she finds confidence and self worth in her peers, and she’s more concerned about whats cool than whats right, she loves to argue, detached in revealing her thoughts and feelings.
I, on the other hand: am extremely relational, my love language is tough, I seek after righteousness, get in trouble very little, i need to know that my parents are proud of me, i share my thought processes and seek guidance, ect.

I see my mother as more of a companion, while my sister sees her as more of the care giver, and disciplinary.
That is simply because we are at different stages in life. If we were both asked to  describe the same woman, we would describe her very differently. Would all the things be true? Yes
While my sister may say she is very strict. I would argue that she is lenient. Both of these are true.

So what about God? God is a God of complete sovereignty as we orchestrates the story of humanity for His glory and pleasure. God also allows us to have responsibility, to either fulfill or deny.
I fully believe that these juxtaposed ideas can coexsist. Like parallel lines that go on together, and never meet a point of conclusion- Gods power, and Gods allowance cannot satisfy one another, but are both vital to the Christian beliefs.
I believe that though many doctrines do not compliment one another in emphasis, they do depict a small aspect of Gods vast and round character.

We earth dwellers will never witness the other side of the moon as long as we live on the earth, but we cant agrue that it doesnt exsist. You may never witness an aspect of God, but you cannot argue that it doesn’t exist.
I myself feel that i have only acutely witnessed the wrath of God, if at all. But God is a God of wrath.
Those who don’t believe in God, have never excepted Gods kindness. But God is a God of great Kindness in love.

Doctrine is necessary. But not essential. The blood of Christ is essential.
So speak truth in love. Let iron sharpen iron. Allow your concept of God widen as the spirit reveals truth and Gods word confirms it. Know God.
But above everything else- trust in the redemptive work that took place on the cross, because beyond that, all doctrines fail.


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“To be “too heavenly minded is to be no earthly good.”

I couldn’t disagree more. I find myself in life, shuffling along, with my eyes at my feet. I look around at what i have accomplished- and that is when i find that I am no earthly good.

Who am I but a vessle of Christ? May I cling to the cross, may i set my sights on His righteousness, let me feed my heart with His word.

Colossians 3:2 
Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

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Oh God! What are the plans you have for me?
The plans for a future and a hope?
Because I look into the days to come
All i see is weary feet
A heavy heart.
Will you carry me?
Oh God, What do you have instore for me?
You have created me, You call me your masterpeice
Where is the good work that you have created me for?

“Many are the plans in a mans heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that provails.” Proverbs 19:21

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Despite what was probably my better judgment, I wrote a response to a blogger who was bent on slandering Christianity.

Matthew 7:6

 6“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.


Okay, Okay, Okay, Bible!  I know.

But there has to be a right time to defend your faith?

A right time to speak the truth in love (Eph 4:15) and let the word of God that is living and active be sharper than any double-edged sword, so it can penetrate even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; as well as judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12)?

OF COURSE! What the Great Commission is to be commissioned greatly to all people!

Can I help that I have a righteous anger that burns against those who blaspheme the name of the true and living God? Is this wrong when I clearly see that it goes against scripture?

There is a time and place for all things under heaven.

I guess it’s a matter of trusting in God and allowing His wisdom to guide your judgment.

What do you think? Please drop me a note.


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During my schools orientation I saw a boy from my home town. I didn’t know him well, but  I knew was not a christian.
His Name is Garrett.

I started to talk to him, and I asked him if anyone had made the gospel clear to him.

He said he no one had.

I asked him if I could.

He said “lol please do”
(because this was done over facebook)

I was excited! I talked to him more, and we settled that we would get together once school started and I would share Jesus with him. Did I mention my excitement?

I was excited.
Because I felt God moving.
I love that feeling.
I knew that God had something in store
I was hoping that this thing was something that started with “Sal” and ended in “vation.”

Sunday. The day before school started, I got a phone call.
I was walking down the hall in my dorm when the words fell into my ears made me sink onto the floor.
“What?” I felt everything collapse.
This had never happened to me before, I have never been stricken with news that hit me so hard that I lost the ability to stand. I started to sob.

The news was that Garrett was in a car accident. He wasn’t expected to live to see the next day.

Hell has never been more of a reality. I felt as if I were a watchman like Ezekiel, watching someone pass through my fingers into eternity. I’ve never felt so helpless.

My mascara was a just add water kit for a black face mask. When I finally had the strength to walk back to my room, I tried to look normal. Then I realized, as I gazed in the mirror, that I looked like a demented clown.
I cried some more.

All things work together for good those who know and love the Lord.
If anything in the world is true: I love the Lord. (often not the way I should… another subject. another time)

“What was wrong?” One of my dorm members asked later. I was able to share my conviction, desire and compassion to carry out the great commission, with a hint of urgency with the current situation.

I got news that he was still hanging on for life.

The next day I met some of his buddies that were on the same end of salvation with Garrett. I was able to share with them how I had planned to witness to them, and how important it is to me that others come to salvation. But I felt the holy spirit pressing to wait on His timing before I shared the gospel with them, specifically a boy named Alex. God has a plan for his life. I’m to wait on His timing.

The next day I get a call from  the newspaper. They saw my conversation on facebook and interviewed me. I witnessed to the reporter. It was awesome

The next day the newspaper printed the article. My name was on it. I got several calls from several people from all different standpoints. I got to share what God was doing.

As for Garrett. He is a Miracle. Despite his truck landing on top of him, he is still miraculously hanging in there. I haven’t seen him, b.c they care flighted Him. Hes still sedated. I hope to see Him when he is conscious. I keep praying for another miracle. Preferably the one that started with “Sal” and ended in “Vation.”

Keep him in your prayers.

“Greater things have yet to come. Greater things are still to be done in this city!”

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Life is but threshold
Death is but a door
Concealing the greatest awakening
The quench for something more.
Yet every tongue in every land,
Sounds their battle cry.
Through the tears that sting their eyes,
We say “There must be more to life!”
But the eyes companion to frustration,
Are blinded from the truth.
When the whole earth is filled with Glory,
Creation points to you.
Within our hearts is your law
Engraved is “eternity”
Before our feet is your throne
The cross that sets us free.
Yet we wander and scour the earth
For meaning, purpose, and truth
Never turning to what’s in front of us
We’ve turned our hearts from you.
“Oh my God” is no longer the gate of salvation
But a term of putrid vanity
And science has become the study
Of new age theology.
Relativism has become truth,
As it applies to the flesh of man.
Choice is what determines our life,
And what kills our fellow man.
Oh wretched sinners!
How we lost our way.
How evil are even the ones
Who dare to bare your name.
And we who have been made with Christ
Still have turned away from you
Have defiled your holy temple,
The body bought by you.
We who claim to be vessels of Christ
Carry our Christ to bed
With those who have defiled our souls
Who’s steps will lead to death.
And the mouths that join together
To sing praises to your name
Leave the building we’ve labeled “the church”
And quickly utter what’s profane.
Because life has been made a journey of taste
Lead by whimsical cravings of tongue.
Christ is only to be followed
When he gives you what you want.
Away with rules and restrictions
Give us instant gratification.
Away with what guides and protects
Our desolate souls cry for damnation.

If you who are chosen hold your tongue
The rocks of the earth will sing.
Oh God have your way with us!
We have not chosen you!
My God have your way with those you love
We need to love you too.
The wrath that your grace has withheld
Soon will be set free
For you, Oh God, are Righteous and Just
You alone are King.
Do with us as you will
To turn our hearts back to you.
May your Glory be fulfilled
In what is your plan to do.
Tear down the idols that defile your name
Tear down what man has made.
My soul is grieved with longing
I stand lonesome and unashamed
For the world to know the Glory
The Glory in your name.
Let those who bear a witness
Gather together to call on you
Let those who truly seek your face
Be ambassadors of the truth.
May we join in numbers,
May we speak the truth
Singing a jubilant song
Sharing the joy we find in you.
Let us be persecuted in your name
For gospel sake
Let us face trials of many kinds
To bring your Glory Fame
Let the blood that was shed on the cross
Incarnadine the earth,
Come what may let us see
A revival a rebirth!

You alone are God
For you alone are God.
One day every knee will bow
For you alone, Our God.

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