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I am new to the world of serious blogging.
So I pray that any readers would welcome me graciously.

This is a retreat from myspace and facebook and its fantasy social microcosm to write in response to the power of Christ which has overtaken my life.

I’m guilty of posting notes, blogs and bullitens to an audience that is more concerned with my default and top eight than my ideas and what God has revealed to me.
Not to bash them, because I will continue to use them rationally and I feel that they can be a tool to defy the culture that created it. But its tricky business.

This is my purpose in writing blogs.

To solidify my beliefs.
When something is written down in complete sentences you attain a complete thought, rather than a potpourri of mixed thought that waft through your mind. “Which opens the opportunity for me to “continue in what [I] have learned and have become convinced of.”(2 Timothy 3:14)

To challenge myself.
Not only will the blog world open my eyes to the veiws of others, but it will test and provoke myself to abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. (phillipians 1:8)

To Inspire Others:
I want to influnce others positivly as much a i want to be postivly influnced. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (proverbs 27:17)

And thats all for now.
Short and sweet.
I’m not a cyber genious… I have little to no technology intellect. So hopefully I’ll be able to sucsessfully manage this.



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