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I’m a firm believer in recognizing and fulfilling the roles that God has established in our lives. Yet when time rolls by and relationships become more and more routine, Its hard to look at your daily tasks as a God given responsibility to fulfill your role as a man, woman, mother, son, ect.

The 30-day Challenge was designed for Women to realize they’re role as a wife to encourage there husbands, giving them tools and ideas to spend thirty days strengthening there husband spiritually and emotional.
This is a vital part of our social family unit, and a vital part of our world. Its about time that we as women step up to the plate that God has prepared for us and cheer our relationships to victory.
For more information go to: The 30-day Challenge. I pray that each wife that reads this will take this challenge.

Unfortunately for this challenge, I am not a wife. But I do someday want to be an encouraging wife and I want to support my husband. For that reason I am going to take the The 30-day Challenge, but instead of my husband, I’m going to encourage my Dad. Of course I cant say “I’m so glad you picked me out of all  the other women!” but I can build him up in love.

So if I can do it- you can do it!!

The 30-day Challenge < click it now!


Day one:
I’ve had alot of views on this post, so i thought I would tell you how day one went. It went good.
Day one asks to say something positive to your husband and about your husband.
But with me and my dad, I usually complement him alot (its just kinda who I am).
So I went and left him a note on his desk at work so he would actually pay attention to it.
Heres something nice I can say about him:
Growing up, he always took me on Daddy-Daughter Dates. I remember this one like it was yesterday. enjoy (at my own expense):

 I am very blessed.


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