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I was with a group of friends on a day when the whole crew was worn out and sleep deprived. Except for one girl who was bubbling over with the grand idea of a shopping escapade. She had been hinting about it all week, but now that time was running out- she was very forthright:
“Do you want to go shopping? There is a store that I know you would love.”
What she was actually saying was “I’m going shopping, and it would be less work for me to drag you along if you just wanted to go too.”
I think that’s how we are with God.
“God, I want this… let me show you why it’s in your best interest too.”

I’ve often avoided being that person. “God if you’ll just get me this… I promise that I won’t <insert area of weakness> anymore.” Because I’ve found that I am most satisfied in my relationship with Christ when I’ve willfully submitted myself under His Lordship. With the Lord as my shepherd I have not wanted, he has made me lay down in green pastures, he has led me beside still water, he continually restores my soul. When the weight of His blessing has exceeded my ability to thank him- why should I ask for more?
Because of this I have trusted in Gods sovereignty almost to a fault… and by fault I’m mean Calvinism (small joke).
But a few nights ago, I was in a worship service and I began to pray for everything that I felt lead to pray for. I prayed for my family, friends that were lost, things that were going on my life… and soon I began to pray for something I wanted. I didn’t need it. In fact, I considered it as more as a distraction and tucked the thought away. But as I prayed, my desire crept up and overflowed into my petition before God.

This was very unlike me.
I’m not one to deprive myself of the blessings of God, because my cup runneth over. Normally, the only time I pray for myself is when I’m late and I don’t want to run into traffic or cops. I know- I’m religious.

But I’ve caught myself praying for this ever since then.

And I’m caught between Psalm 37:4 and Luke 22:42.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD
       and he will give you
the desires of your heart.


Luke 22:42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”


I’m trying to keep the blog post short- My conclusion when I return with my next post. Get ready for theology!!!

Until then- enjoy this unrelated video that I LOVE!




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I teach 3 services on Sunday mornings. In my last class most of the kids are have already come to one of the earlier services, so instead of going on with the regular lesson we have a class discussion about life, and Christianity and how it applies in each of there lives. I really enjoy it and look forward to the crazy questions from… “Does God love Jews more than us?” to “Does God have a wife?”

A few Sundays back, I showed the kids a video on the highly esteemed youtube. And instantly the kids tried to convince me to show other videos of other random things.  I didn’t show any of there request in fear that a slew of unexpected cuss words would make its way into impressionable ears. But i took there requests and watched them at home to see if they were appropriate.

Those were the stupidest video request I have ever seen… Music Video voice over to the Mario Brothers and Halo?

I then remembered a video from me in my high school musical my Junior year- I busted my head open on stage… I uploaded it to youtube and here it is…I suggest you watch it at least twice for full effect.

They loved it. They were especially pleased that it was me receiving the pain.

So how does this apply to Christianity???

1) God has a plan and a purpose for each of our lifes…
Which is why I’m still alive.
-As a baby Ive had roughly 35 pounds of glass fall on top of me
-I was electrocuted at a pee wee ball park when I was 8, cutting out the electricity in 5 fields
-I was attacked by a Rottweiler and walked away with stitches
-When I was 3 I was run over by a pickup truck. It ran over my legs. If it ran over me any lower I would be permanently crippled, possible amputation. Any higher I would have died from eternal bleeding.
-I also wrecked my brothers pickup… rolling it 5 times.
-Not to mention countless other brainless feats and stupid endeavors. In elementary school I was know as “the girl that jumped off tall things.”

Were all alive for a reason.. Otherwise why would we be alive. God has continually confirmed the plan he has for my life. And he has an exciting and wonderful plan for you. If your not living to do what your created for… why would life be worth living?

2) Nothing has been more excited in my life than the Love of Christ
Ive been blessed to experience (or survive) allot of things in my life. But nothing has been more thrilling that what the experience of the Love of Christ.

3) I’m a disaster… and a wonderful Creation.
Im honestly a human time bomb, if you hear a car alarm outside, chances are… its me.
But I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t so crazy or prone to find disaster.. but that’s the way God made me. I’ll embrace it.
Just as God made you for a certain purpose, He has given you certain qualities to fulfill it.
Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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Whether you realize it or not… We live in a spiritual relm/a spiritual battle. But are somethings a stretch in order to satisfy our curiousity and innate desire to experience something greater than ourselves…

Check out this video….

Do you think that the words are a figment of an overactive imagination?

Or the works of a greater force? 

 You decide.

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